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Low light Wedding Photography: the Luminescence of Darkness

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

  1. Introduction

  2. Types of Low Light Photography

  3. Aesthetically pleasing

  4. No extreme tweaking

  5. Play around with props

  6. Low-light Wedding Photo Ideas

  7. Conclusion

You’ve seen many wedding photography styles that are conventional but you want to try something different for your wedding photoshoot. Perhaps, low light wedding photography will be of interest to you.

Low key photography, (also known as low exposure photography or low light photography) is a style of photography where photos are taken with low exposure. This can refer to both natural light sources like sunlight and artificial light sources like fluorescent lamps.

This photography style can be divided into three types based on the intensity of lighting:

  • Dim low light:

Dim lighting is when there is not too much additive lighting. It mostly depends on the atmospheric and natural light. This way, it takes in the ambience of the atmosphere and calms the mood of the photograph.

  • Almost dark low light:

This type of low key photography is a balance between dim lighting and darkness. There will not be complete darkness in the background but it is not a huge focus of low light images. This usually is taken out in the open to capture the mood of the looming sky with dark clouds, which evokes a sense of enchantment in the ambience.

  • Dark (usually w/ a dramatic light)

If you are a fan of cinematic wedding photography, this style is the right choice for you. The darkness is an enhancer of the light; it dramatises the light even if it is soft. This style of photography is also the perfect mood for night wedding photography. It will, however, require a stronger light than the other two types to bring definition.

Aesthetically pleasing

A low light photograph is very pleasing to the eye. Its low contrast is easy on the eye and at a time where everything is attracted by colour, you may think that bright colour is necessary. But that is but a myth – this style of wedding photography is a balance between light and dark; it is placid and beautiful. It can portray a plethora of emotions.

It also is a sign of intimacy and romance. This otherworldly sensation of tranquillity can be achieved by low key photography. It also gives you the “in your moment” feeling during your photoshoot that gives you more self-esteem, bringing out your best in the wedding photographs.

No extreme tweaking

Filters are necessary for any style of photography but with low light, the lighting already has set the mood. So, to preserve the aesthetic of the pictures, wedding photographers do not overly tweak the existing feeling. However, filters are used for low key photography to enhance the mood.

There are several tones and filters one can use for a wedding photograph with low keying. The prominent ones are the low exposure filters like the grainy filter or dramatic filters like the black & white filter.

Play around with props

Low key photography allows you to be creative with your wedding photoshoot. You can use different techniques like backlit shots and silhouettes that can further encompass the beauty of your wedding photoshoot.

You can also effectively use a light prop as a light source. Light props like LED hanging lights or strip lights make up a very beautiful and creative wedding photoshoot.

Take the following low light photo, for example.

There is barely any atmospheric lighting and the LED umbrella is the main source. The light prop, being the LED umbrella has not only made the entire scenery creative but also romantic and intimate. Even though the picture is dark, the glowing umbrella can express a lot more love than a normal picture.

Low-light Wedding Photo Ideas:

The following are a few ideas that you can try out yourself for your own wedding photoshoot:

  • Romantic

  • Evening

  • Dark and Moody

  • Dramatic

  • Vintage and Rustic

  • Twilight

  • Backlight

The colour black is often associated with evil and despair but did you know that black is also the symbol of elegance, simplicity and strength? It is also a creative exhibition of your love for your partner.

Sure, low light photography may not be easy due to minimal light but many of the best photographers in India are able to display elegance and simplicity at its best. So, don’t be afraid to experiment! Dazzle in the darkness like shining stars in the night sky that illuminate in the darkness.

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