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Unleashing the Magic of Wedding Photography with Fifth Angle Studios


We, at Fifth Angle Studios,aim to unleash the magic of wedding photography. We know that planning a wedding can be stressful enough as it is, which is why we take pride in making sure every detail comes out perfectly. We believe that no matter what type of wedding you're having— traditional or nontraditional—it should be filled with all the love and excitement that comes with marriage. That's why our photographers work closely with each couple to make sure they get exactly what they want in both the images and video footage captured throughout the day (and night). Whether capturing your first dance together or your grand exit at sunset, we create memories you'll definitely cherish forever through our photos.

Capturing the moment.

Capturing the moment is one of the most important things one can do as a photographer.

The best way to capture moments is by being present in your surroundings and paying attention to what's happening around you. When clients are getting ready for their wedding day, we’re often asked how we know when they're ready for their first look photos (where we take pictures of them together before they see each other). Oftentimes, this question comes from those who aren't used to being photographed so there might be some nervousness involved, which could lead to them being hesitant when we ask if we should begin the shooting session. But here's our little secret: We don't ask! Instead we just start shooting because sometimes there will be something special happening between two people which makes every photo worth capturing even though technically speaking, nothing may have been planned beforehand either way--and those types of images are often some favourites among couples because they show emotion rather than just posing like many other traditional portraits.

Wedding photography is an art that requires a lot of planning and practice.

If you are planning on getting married and want to make sure your wedding photographer knows what they're doing, then you should consider hiring Fifth Angle Studios as wedding photography is an art that requires a lot of planning and practice and we excel at it. You need to be able to capture the moment, but also have vision, creativity and be able to work under pressure.

The magic of wedding photography.

Wedding photography is an art. And like any other art, it requires a lot of practice and planning to get right. We've worked hard to create a process that allows us to capture the moment in its full glory, while still maintaining the aesthetic style you want for your wedding day. Think of us as different from other photographers because we focus on capturing all those special moments that happen throughout your day--and then making sure they look amazing.

What makes us different?

The first thing you'll notice about us is that we're a husband and wife team, not a solo photographer. We've been doing this for over ten years and have an amazing track record of creating stunning images for our clients.

Fifth Angle Studios is a passion project, not just a side project that we do on the weekends or evenings when our kids go to bed. This means you will get the best customer service possible because we are available 24/7 (even if it's 2am!). It also means that you can expect regular updates as your wedding approaches so there are no unwanted surprises on your wedding day.

Our passion for photography shines through in every image we create; whether it's capturing the love between two people or documenting an epic trip around the world with friends--we won't stop until each shot is perfect,.


Wedding photography can be a challenge, but it's also very rewarding and we. at Fifth Angle Studios, love seeing the smiles on our clients' faces when they look back at the photos we've taken for them.

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