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Wedded bliss: 10 creative and unique post-wedding photoshoot themes.


If you're like me and you've been dreaming about your wedding day for a long time now that it’s finally here, it’s time to decide what to do with all those memories of the big day! There are so many ways to preserve your wedding day: take pictures in front of every landmark in town, set up a photo booth at the reception, or even hire someone to make an animated video. But there are also plenty of creative ways to commemorate your nuptials that aren't just taking selfies with guests or throwing confetti over them when they leave (although I highly recommend both). Here are ten unique post-wedding photoshoot themes that will help create lasting memories from one special day.

1. The two of you at your favourite vacation spot

One way to ensure that your photos are amazing is by choosing an interesting location for your shoot. If it's nice out and there aren't any clouds in sight, then why not try something new? If you're itching to get away but don't have time or money right now, consider having a photo shoot at your favourite vacation spot(s). It'll give you something fun and romantic to look forward to after your big day, while also reminding you and your spouse why you love each other so much!

2. A photo shoot with your pets

This can be a lot of fun, especially if you have a dog or cat that loves the camera!

But before you start snapping away, there are some things to consider:

Your pet might not be used to being photographed and may need some time to warm up. Make sure that they're comfortable with their surroundings, whether it's inside or outside. If they aren't used to being around strangers, then keep this photoshoot as just family members instead of inviting friends over

You should also consider what kind of outfit would work best for them during this shoot. For example, if your dog has thick fur then dressing him up in something else than his usual harness might help show off his beautiful coat better than usual; likewise, if he doesn't have any hair at all then maybe trying something else on him would look silly because nothing would stick out from under his collar/hoodie etcetera!

3. A photoshoot with all of your wedding guests!

If you're looking for a post-wedding photoshoot that's sure to get everyone talking, look no further than the one with all of your wedding guests!

Make sure everyone knows what they are doing. You don't want to be standing there in the middle of your wedding party thinking, "What am I doing here? Why did I agree to this?" Make sure everyone understands how important it is for them to participate in this shoot and show up on time ready to go.

4. A beach photoshoot

The beach is the perfect setting for a post-wedding photoshoot. The warm weather and beautiful scenery will make you feel like you're on vacation, even if it's February. Beach photoshoots can be done any time of year and in lots of different locations -- whether you want to go all out with sand sculptures or just walk along the shoreline, there are plenty of options!

Beachside poses are super fun because they show off your wedding outfit in all its glory. If you've got an especially extravagant outfit that needs some extra attention (and who doesn't?), this is definitely one way to do it!

5. Some glamourous shots in the bathroom mirror

This is a classic, and it's always a favourite. The bathroom mirror makes an excellent backdrop for some glamorous shots. You can use the mirror to reflect light and create more depth in your photos, or you could even use it as part of an artistic photo shoot!

6. A photoshoot around the city where you got married

The city where you got married is a great place to start your photoshoot. You can incorporate the city's landmarks, history, or culture into your pictures. If you want to go local, why not try using some of the food? What better way than making it part of your photoshoot?

Or maybe you want something more traditional like taking pictures outside in front of an old church or castle and wearing traditional clothes. Or even just having some fun with old-fashioned props like top hats and walking sticks!

7. An outdoor picnic-style shoot!

An outdoor picnic-style shoot is a perfect way to capture your love in a fun and romantic setting. You can do this at a park, or even in your own backyard if it's big enough! Bring along blankets, snacks, and drinks (and maybe an umbrella). For an engagement shoot idea, that's sure to impress your fiancé, try taking photos by candlelight!

8. Your honeymoon destination

The perfect way to capture the memories of your honeymoon is by doing a photoshoot in your vacation destination. It's an easy way to show off the best places on earth and share them with friends and family.

You can do this by taking photos at the beach or by a waterfall, but if you want something more unique and exciting then consider scuba diving or skydiving!

9. Your engagement location or venue after the wedding has ended

If you are lucky enough to have your engagement photos taken at the same place as your wedding, then you should definitely do a photoshoot there after the wedding has ended. This is a great way to capture the memories of your day in addition to having some fun with friends and family members.

10. Something seasonal, like apples or pumpkins if it's the autumn time.

What's a post-wedding shoot without a seasonal theme? If you're getting married in autumn, make sure to take advantage of the season and do something like apples or pumpkins. You can find great locations that are already set up with props, like an orchard or pumpkin patch.


Hopefully, after reading this article, you've found some inspiration for your own photoshoot! If you don't have time to plan a whole shoot yourself, check out Fifth Angle Studios’ wedding photography packages. We offer a variety of different options that will be sure to fit any couple's budget and needs.

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